God has called us to go to the ends of the earth delivering His good news and offering His grace and love. Str8way has followed the call and we believe relationship is the key to showing Christ and His love. Our commitments aren't just temporary, but long-term as we desire to grow together and invest in the lives of the individuals we come in contact with.

Areas of Focus
Str8way has been working in Nicaragua since 2000. We have worked with the some of the same kids during these years and have watched them grow up into fine individuals ready to make a difference.

Str8way first visited Kenya in 2007. Since then we have been working with an orphanage there and seeking opportunities for the young nationals we have built relationships with.

Str8way has been invested in Tok, Alaska since 2006. We have helped them expand their Bible Camp and continue to send volunteers every year to help run it and work with the Native Americans there.

Str8way became involved in Haiti in 2010 after the earthquake that devastated this already poverty-stricken country. Beginning with relief efforts, Str8way continues to work in Haiti.
We also believe that God's creation is a responsibility given to us to be stewarded well. We encourage all Christians to set the example of love for HIS creation by recycling and other conservation methods of sustainability. By no means are these to be idolized but only as a means to Glorify our Lord and Savior!

Staff Missionaries
Str8way has staff missionaries based in our Areas of Focus around the world. They help facilitate Str8way programs and live in community with the nationals.